Our interests are focused on energy, chemical and heavy industry, as well as new technologies sectors.

Ekozon was established in 2009 as a special purpose vehicle dedicated to the comprehensive development of investment projects in Poland and abroad in the Project Finance formula, carrying out profitability analyzes and preparing feasibility studies.

Working on our projects, we actively cooperate with numerous Polish and international partners and engage top-class industry experts and external advisers.

Our main areas of interest include:

  • Import, wholesale and sale of electricity and natural gas.
  • Development of renewable and conventional generation sources.
  • Energy and gas-intensive investments in chemical and heavy industry.
  • Identification and supporting development of promising investment projects in the new technologies sector.
Our projects

Power line Wólka Dobryńska – Brest

Ekozon is the sole owner of the Polish section of the cross-border power line connecting Wólka Dobryńska (Lubelskie Voivodship, Biała Podlaska County, Zalesie Commune) and Brest (Belarus).

The line connects Polish and Belarusian energy systems.

Key technical parameters of the line:

  • Voltage: 2 x 110kV
  • Nominal power: 250MW
  • Maximum possible volume of electricity transmission: 2 TWh per year
  • Length: 12.5 km on the Polish side, 6 km on the Belarusian side

From 2003 to 2008, electricity generated in a dedicated unit of the Belarusian Bieriezów Power Plant was transferred to Poland via the power line. The line is currently inactive, but remains in very good technical condition, as confirmed by an independent audit carried out in 2018 by consulting company Ramboll. Ekozon is working on reactivating the line and launching the import of electricity from Belarus to Poland in order to support Polish energy balance and provide Polish economy with competitively priced electricity.

Our projects

Ekozon conducts research, analytical and preparatory work concerning the following projects:

  • Launching the import and wholesale trade of electricity and natural gas.
  • Development of conventional gas-based generation sources.
  • Development of renewable energy sources, in particular photovoltaic farms.
  • Construction of aluminum and methanol production plants.
  • Identification and support of startups operating in the new technologies sector.
Career with ekozon

There are currently no vacancies available.


We cordially invite entities and persons interested in cooperation on our projects to contact us.

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